Utvecklare: Lince Works

Utgivare: Lince Works

Typ av spel/Genre: Action, Äventyr, Indie

Antal spelare: 1-2 spelare

Snittbetyg på Spelhund: 7,5/10

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vi som har testat spelet på spelhund är följande


After played one hour: This game is definitely over top 10  greatest stealth game that I ever plays. When I go to second chapter, the level become more difficult and that would be no fun if It's too easy.
Own gaming experience: Aragami is a stealth game were you plays as a undead assassin who has power to controll the shadows. There you shall sneak around enemies with help of power of shadow who can teleport to another shadows. You can also create dragon of the shadow to assassin guard or you can make Aragami invisible or create kunai knife to take out guard from long distance and there're more of shadows abilty to use. But you will not get those ablity direct to first chapter except "teleport to shadows", you can gather scroll all around different level to get shadow ablity to help you clear level most more easier. If level are too difficult to clear, you can always lower down difficult of the level. You can also choose what playstyle to clear level, like show no mercy to all enemies or leave they all alive or be one undetectable ghost like them never notice that you was there in the first place, what playstyle will you choose? There're multiplayer mode were you can play online with another player or friend who has this game, It don't have communicate in multiplayer like "wait" or "strike now" something like that. But it's stealth game were Aragami need be quiet or else you will reveal Aragami location to enemies and it will be no fun when enemy are alert another and ready to attacks you with one army. If your teamwork are good, you can clear level almost twins fast than singleplayer could do.
Story: Aragami is a vengeful spirit who be summon by Yamiko and she are imprisoned by Kaiho "the amry of Light". She need Aragami help to free herself and Shadow Empress, order to free Yamiko and Shadow Empress, Aragami need to gather special object order to break the seal to free Yamiko and Shadow Empress. Aragami have no memory when he was summon but not all memory was gone, few fragments memory when he was alive. When Aragami continue his quest and found first special object, he got flashback from Yamiko past and somehow he see Yamiko past when he see special object, them special object are Yamiko past when she had them in the past. When Aragami continue his quest, he ragain little be little of his memory when he was alive, question is will he regain all of his memory and found out happened his past?
Summary: For my opinion about this game: Aragami is tense, thrilling and greatest stealth game that I play, but the story plot was not most epic. This game will test your strategy to sneak past enemies right under their nose or take them down before them know what happened and this game will also test your patience. You can also play this game online and with a friend and help each other to clear this level. If you like stealth game who's sneak around enemy base like it was nothing and them never notice you was there in first place, I recommend Aragami.

Ratings by me: 7,5/10