Astral Chain



Typ av spel/genre:
Action, Äventyr

Antal spelare:
1-2 spelare

Nintendo Switch

Snittbetyg på Spelhund:

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My own gaming experience: A epic action game were main character is one of can fight chimeras and because he/she has Legion that can destroy chimeras. Legion is a chimeras that bound by chains and command by their human partners and them able fights chimeras and also can help to investigate crime scene too. The combat system were you and legions fight as one against chimares and there're different type chimares were you need switch up the weapon that can give advantage the battle against chimares. You'll not so do battle, also investigate crime scene and determine what happend and also helpning citizens too.

Story: Year 2078 humanity is on the brick of extinction, many population retreated to the Ark, It's a bustling megacity atop a man-made island.

The reason why humanity is brick of extinction because chimares, they come from another dimension "the Astral Plane" and they using dimensional gates go through to human world. But there's still hope for humanity and that's "Neuron", special police task force has legion that can fights against chimares and defending the Ark form chimares.

2 new recruit joins in Neuron, them are also chosen candidates to gets legion because them are special and not anyone can get legion.

A special buiding were attack all of sudden and It's also were Legions create too, the one who did it Jena Anderson and this attacks are just beginning and question is what she planning and can Neuron put It stop her plan before It succeed?

Summary: Astral Chain is a epic adventure and action game with unique story and combat too. There will be investigate too where you need find clue from crime scene and determine what happened. The graphics is pretty great special when legion go in battle and looks cool and sound effect and music too. You can also replay story mission and also choice difficult too or collect item that you miss collect it or do side mission or get better ranks.

Ratings by me: 8/10