Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


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Typ av spel/genre:
Action, Äventyr, Rollspel

Antal spelare:
1 spelare

Playstation 4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, PC

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Graphics/Sound: The graphics of this game looks pretty much epic and looks like 3D game but It's 2D side-scroller game. The music was pretty good and well adapt when you go new area and sound effect are well sync when do attacks or cast the spells.

My own gaming experience: Bloodstained: Ritaul of the Night is a 2D side-scroller game combine with action impact RPG. This game have lot area to explore and has lots of the secret wall and some of path ways can't go through and need a special ability order make through that path way. The combat system is pretty much fantastic because there're lots of different weapon type to use for like a gun, whip, long or short sword and more and spell too. There're lots of different type spell to use for and order to get spell, you need defeat demons that will drops a shards and bind to Miriam and able to use new spell.

Story: The story begins with alchemist experiment that later on will led to a disaster for world where demons do whatever wants. Miriam and Gebel was choice for alchemist experiment by transplantet crytal that has demonic power and them able survive the experiment. Some strange reason Miriam was slept after experiment and was slept for 10 years. Miriam wake up her slumber and she learn what happend to world were demons go around and attacks innocent people and destroy houses and all that came from the castle that infested with demons. The one who summon that castle and responsible mess is Gebel but he was not himself and the the one who controlling his action from shadow is Gremory. Can Mirian put stop Gremory and save Gebel and make that castle to disappear? Mirian is not only one who try put stop Gremory and demons army, like Zangetsu who has special sword that can cut through Gremory to halve but will Mirian and Zangetsu able work together?

Summary: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is pretty cool and interesting game were play epic 2D side-scroller game. The combat is pretty much epic were you can use different type of weapons and use awesome spell too. There're lots area to explore that can have sercet wall and also sercet boss too or item can increase HP or MP. This game has different ending and the bad ending can get easily and get game over screen and order to get the true ending will be pretty much easy ones you know how get there. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night are pretty much fantastic gameplay and the story is pretty interesting and there're lots of spells to trying out and you can also change the main character appearance.

Ratings by me: 8/10