Darksiders Genesis

Airship Syndicate

THQ Nordic

Typ av spel/Genre:

Action, Äventyr

Antal spelare:
1-2 spelare co-op

Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Stadia

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My own gaming experience: The gameplay begins in the "Hell" were you playing one of the "Horsemen" "Strife" or "War" that you can switch anytime even in the gameplay. Strife special with long-range attacks and War good in close-combat attacks and each of them have element attribute like them can use thunder but different way from each other and them have own unique special move. While you doing Story mode quest, there's side quest that you can do and get extra reward from side quest. More complete the main quest, more will be unlocks like Strife and War new cool ability, combo and form or new stuff from shop that can have upgrade and more.

Story: The story take place before "Darksiders" (the original game) were you can see how thing start It. The Council is the one who maintained the Balance across of existence and have most trusting loyalty who can carrying out any order from The Council "The Horsemen". Strife and War are the Horsemen and got the mission from The Council, The mission is find out what Lucifer (Lords of all Hells) up for and are threat against "Balance" and put the stop Lucifer plan before Lucifer became more dangers.

Summary: Darksiders Genesis is suprise good game were you go around area of Hell, Eden or other area with gun or sword to blast through or slash against demon and angel. The Graphics and sound are good and the story was pretty interesting like how it all beginning to what happend before "Darksiders" (the original game). Darksiders Genesis is the first the game that can play as co-op of "Darksiders" franchise, the gameplay are pretty cool where you fights lots enemies and boss that you have trying out.

Ratings by me: 7,5/10