Hollow Knight

Utvecklare: Team Cherry

Utgivare: Team Cherry

Typ av spel/Genre: Action, Äventyr, Indie

Antal spelare: 1 spelare

Snittbetyg på Spelhund: 7,5/10

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After played one hour: "Hollow Knight" is a good side-scrolling 2D classic gameplay. There you can explorer underground area, fight different adversaries and gather of charm which can give you ability like do more damage, attacks more quicker and more. Some of path way can't go to it that because you can't reach it and need to look around area to find different ability to help you to reach next unknown area.
Own gaming experience: Hollow Knight is epic action-adventer game were you play as in 2D style to dodge, dash and slash to get through difficult area and battle fearsome adversaries. In the hallownest world there are many interesting area to explorer, meeting cute and creepy character in hallownest and them will help you with upgrade weapon, get a extra heal bar, get a new charm and there are more than that. There're challenges bosses are really difficult to defeat them, best way to fight them (1) find there pattarn of attacks so you can know when to avoid and when to attack too (2) place suitable charms to fight that boss, In this way you will have least problem mot boss. This game have two ending, the first is normal ending and seconds is true ending, to get the true ending you beat the game with 100% complete and fighting the true final boss. After you beat the game you will unlock "steel soul mode" were you play game again but in that mode it become more difficult and challenges.

Story: Town of Dirtmouth there're many visitors but not many was staying that because there are underground ruin knigdom where that many drawn near. There're different reason what them drawn near to that ruin kingdom like searching for riches, glory or answers to old sercets of the ruined kingdom. There's also a nest that are seal very very long time and it content evil present but right now the seal are getting weaker be time some are has past away and also at sametime there come a choose knight that can fix the seal or maybe defeat the evil within soul for ones and for all.
Summary: Hollow Knight is awesome gameplay and little bit intense, where you fight different type of creepy creature and the boss. The art style of this game are pretty cool and most of art style are suitable for this game style. If you like playing in the 2D style and also challenges, I would recommend Hollow Knight.
Ratings by me: 7,5/10