Katana Zero


Devolver Digital

Typ av spel/Genre:
Action, Indie

Antal spelare:
1 spelare

Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

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My own gaming experience: A action game were one hit will be instant-death and also same thing on enemies too except the boss fight. The combat of Katana ZERO you can slash against anyone who stand in way, dash way and the dodge incoming attack and manipulate time were everthing look slow motions but easier react to gun shot and deflect back. Some of mission will be stealth were you can sneaking in and take down the target and sneaking out. Their you can respond on what "the dragon" (main character) will say and depends on each of mission that you respond, you can get a sercet boss fight.

Story: The story of Katana ZERO are interesting, unexpected and little bit confusing too. "The Dragon" he is a the assassin that take down the target for his client and also The Dragon have missing memory like who I'm. Psychiatrist is a who deliver files of the target to Dragon and giving session about his memory and also he give medicine to The Dragon. Each day go by, piece by piece his menory return each day but when he get all menory back, something was unexpected that you never expected.

Summary: Katana ZERO is a intense game were a hit will be instant-death, were you need to plan every single move order to not be hit. The combat of this game was pretty much tense, unique and interesting. Ability of manipulate time were everthing slow motions and easier react enemies move and if Dragon fail dodge a attack and go down, the game rewind back in time to the last checkpoint and the you can try again with different plan that will succeed. The graphics was pixel 2D but nice, sound and music was pretty good and the story was interesting, unexpected plot and little bit confusing. Even so Katana ZERO is great game, the combat is intense and the story is interesting and unexpected.

Ratings by me: 7/10