Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix Business Division 3

Square Enix

Typ av spel/Genre:
Action, Role-spel

Antal spelare:

1 spelare

Playstation 4, Xbox One

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My own gaming experience:           Kingdom Hearts 3 is a magical and action impact game were you can travel another world of disney and pixar. The combat system was magical epic were you can switch up between close combat and long range attack and also you can switch up the keyblade. Each of the keyblade have unique special form that can change like shield, hammer, spear and more, and each of form can give boost like strong counterattack, strength the close combat, make more powerful magic attack and their're lot more than that. There're lot to explore each of the world that has own mini-game and also you can gather material, item, armor, ingredients and treasure chests that can help you boost stat, upgrade keyblade and taking less damage. There're also "Gummi ship" mission when you travel another world, there you can explore area and have ship battle against heartless ship and you can find material for "Gummi ship" that you can make better ship with own style.

Story: Once again Sora, Donald and Goofy are in adventure to regain Sora strength and obtain the "Power of waking" order to stand chance against Xehanort and his Organization 13. Meanwhile Riku and King Mickey have own mission to find 3 lost keyblade wielder Aqua, Ventus and Terra, them know that Aqua in the "Dark world" but another two wereabouts unknown. And lasting Kairi and Axel are training to be keyblade wielder, them are somewhere they can train and hid for Organization 13 on till their training is complete. Will Sora able obtain the "Power of waking" just in time for battle against Xehanort and his Organization 13, will Riku able save Aqua and find Ventus and Terra just in time for the Keyblade war that Xehanort declare?

Sommary: Kingdom hearts 3 was a magical adventure were you visit world to world of disney and pixar. The combat was magical epic like attack, magic attack, formchange keyblade and more, not just the main character looks good, also enemies too like heartless with the dark style too. The sound game was excellent example each of keyblade sound different when It hit and the graphics was magical great when you explore each of the world and just the world, also space travel too when you ride the Gummi ship. Both gameplay and the story was excellent that you have to try out.

Ratings by me: 8/10