LEGo MARVEL'S AVENGERS

Utvecklare: TT Games

Utgivare: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Typ av spel/Genre: Action, Äventyr

Antal Spelare: 1-2 Spelare

Snittbetyg på Spelhund: 7/10

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                                  vi som har testat spelet på spelhund är följande


After played one hour:
In the first level of the game, Avengers attacks hydra base that has Loki's scepter, was take way when they didn't notice it. The lego games there're always 2 player set so you can play with you friends who like play lego games, the first level there you learn basic of lego games example how to break wall to continue games and use character and more. There's new thing in this lego game, you can do team attack to destroy enemies when they're close. After played one hour It was Excelsior.
Own gaming experience: There're traditions for lego games example ther're always 2 player set even in the story mode, collect studs (money), and more. Sometimes you did everthing like break bricks and build up bricks and you miss something to continue games example not right character to breaks metal bricks, somewhere you miss a place or miss a bricks to break and build up with another one that you breaks before. My advice is always keep eye on your surroundings so will not miss a bricks to break and last advice always verify with character what it can do and what can't do example hack computer or breaks metal object. Each character have different ability and some of are same and are lots character to unlock, someone need to do special mission and after that you need to buy with studs that you collect through levels to available play that character. After you beat the game you can explore worlds so as Asgard, Sokovia, South Africa, S.H.I.E.L.D. base exterior, Barton Farm, Malibu, Washington D.C. and the biggest a to explore New York City. there you can do special challenge, complety races, rescue citizens in peril and more.
Story: The story of "Lego Marvel's Avengers" are from movie by "Avengers" and "Avengers age of Ultra" of main story mode. There're also side story mode where you can choose to do it or not, after you finished "Avengers" part of story mode you will get "Iron man 3", "Thor the dark world" and "Captain America winter soldier" of side story mode. In the lego games there it will show less violence and more comedies, some of lego game will be same as the movie and some of are not. In the custscene or gameplay you can see      Stan Lee who are cameo of this game and playable character. Stan Lee are one of created of marvel comic book character.
Summary: Lego Marvel's Avengers was a good games, there I've to solve how to get pass the levels. The main story are not that long to clear and there're lots of side mission to do, so as collect golden bricks, unlock character and vehicles and more. If you like playing lego games and if you are at Marvel fans I recommend this game. It was (like Stan Lee always says) Excelsior.
Ratings by me: 7/10