Little Nightmares

Utvecklare: Tarsier Studios

Utgivare: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Typ av spel/Genre: Äventyr

Antal spelare: 1 spelare

Snittbetyg på Spelhund: 7,5/10

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Vi som har testat spelet på spelhund är följande


After played one hour: The game begins with a little nightmare that Six (Main character name) have and woke up because of one bad dream. Six are on weird place that looks like also scary too, help Six to escape that scare place by figure out to get next place and act fast to unexpected moment.
Own gaming experience:                       Little Nightmares is a scary game were you go around unknown area and try hide or run from scary person. There you need be clever and stealthy to get around place without be discover but sometimes you will be discover so you need act quickly without hesitation, if you don't act fastest enough you get caught and maybe see death scena of Six depens who's caught the Six. The game have secret achievement like almost get you and more, there also collectibles were you finds statous, nomes and lanterns that you can collect if you want or try find all secret achievement.
Story: The Maw - a vast, mysterious vessel that location is unknown because don't stays one place on sea and always moves around sea. The Maw is sea restaurant were will always arrive same year but always different location, the guest that arrive will look like big, monstrous look, sweating, fat, ugly and hungry lookings  guests. There're place were guests can't go and don't know what is the place but them only care food and nothing else, place like "prison" were keep their captives that them are little children that are unlucky be The Maw. All of children losing the hope to get out their freedom but except one, her name is Six and is different from other children, she's smart and tough and has a yellow raincoat. In time of history of The Maw no one ever able escape The Maw, not yet...

Summary: Little Nightmares is a scary game that might give a little nightmares. There are puzzles like how to reach next scary area and there're moment that you need act quicky enough before them caught Six. Little Nightmares is good and scary surprise game but there's one problem that I have and that's gameplay are short, that I wish was little bit longer. Even so Little Nightmares is good and scary game that you have to try it.
Ratings by me: 7,5/10