Persona 5

Utvecklare: ATLUS

Utgivare: ATLUS, Deep Silver

Typ av spel/Genre: rollspel

Antal spelare: 1 spelare

Snittbetyg på Spelhund: 9/10

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Vi som har testat spelet på spelhund är följande


Graphics of this game is great and the music are totally beyond amazing and each of sequence of game with soundtracks match perfectly on game story and battles that I don't know how to describe more amazing than this.
Own gaming experience: Persona 5 is a game were you play two different world, the one is reality world and another one is "Metaverse" that looks like fantasy world and imaginations creatures that calls "Shadow". In the Metaverse world were you infiltrate palace and sneak past security system and shadows or ambush them and get advantage over battle. When you are Metaverse, there you can summon your inner power that also known as persona, with this power you can battle shadows. The battle system on this game,  you need use strategy like finding shadows weakness and do more damage, there're limits how much you can use your persona ability and you need use it wisely enough to reach your destination with enough stamina to fight a strong shadow. The reality world were you not in Metaverse world and not fight the shadows, there you will find capable people will beneficial for the Phantom Thieves example learn new skill like new attack style for battle or escape from battle much quicker and there're more to it than that. There will not beneficial just in Metaverse also on another world like getting new item on shop, new weapon on shop, one discount on shop and etc. When you have time, increase your social stats that have 5 category and those are knowledge, guts, charm, kindness and proficiency and if you have enough you able hangout with them. Strengh the bond that you form and will help you go through Metaverse with less problem. In this game have time limit like how many days you have to clear one "palace" before it go over the deadline and if that happens, you get one bad ending and will be one classic "game over". My advice is take your time on this game and explore place on reality and find the best way increase your social stats and the bond that you forms.
Story: In this game story were protagonist have double life, the one life is he go to a high school and attend classes like a regular student and another life were he be a "the Phantom Thief" with his friends and stealing distorted desires from adults heart. Doing that will make them good and honest person and will confess all their crimes that them can't bear to what them did to innocent people. It's all possible with a mysterious app that call                 "Metaverse Navigator" with this app them can enter Metaverse world. In Metaverse those who has a strong, distorted desire have own image palace and those who not so strong, distorted desire them in "Mementos". Mementos is everyone Palace were the Phantom Thief can change the heart to another people with distorted derise and do little good to world. The one who provide the mysterious app is "Igor" the master of "Velvet room" that exists between dream and reality and also he will be one the aid protagonist fate. Igor warn protagonist a "ruin" is coming to reality world near future and the fate of protagonist facing is grave dangers. Order to stop the "ruin" protagonist need overcome the danger that he facing and he can't do alone. He needs help by Phantom thief and the bond that he forms around people,  order to stealing back his future and save the world from "ruin".
Summary: Persona 5 is a marvelous game that have very interestings story mode and side story that are almost good than    story mode. The battle system on this game are great and stylishly, everyone of party members have own element attacks and own weakness were you need to switch party members order to get a advantage to battle and make everyone of party members have chance to shine in the battle. I have not play any other Persona franchise but Persona 5 are best game that I play and belief better than any other persona games that I believe. Plot of this game are unpredictable were you can't predicted what will happen next on the story mode, if you like surprise I would gladly recommend Persona 5 that will surprise you just like the Phantom Thief that make impossible to possible.
Ratings by me: 9/10