Ring of Elysium

Aurora Studio

Tencent Games

Typ av spel/Genre:
Action, Massivt Multiplayer

Antal spelare:

4 spelare co-op

Microsoft Windows

Snittbetyg på Spelhund:

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Vi som har testat spelet på spelhund är följande


My own gaming experience: Ring of Elysium is a massively multiplayer game online, were you play everyone against everyone or play 2 or 4 team in shot out of the battle royale. The goal of this game is survive were you need to get on helicopter that have only 4 seats, before the other player get there first or natural disasters comes and drain your hp slowly to zero. Before the match starts, you can choose the area were you can start in the map location and also there're 3 extreme sport equipment that can help you but you can only choose one. Those 3 extreme sport equipment can be useful for though situation like get away from enemy when you are disadvantage or use has an advantage against enemies.

Sommary: Ring of Elysium is a online game were you have battle royale against other player from online. You can also play as co-op with your friends has dou for 2 player or squad for 4 player were you can work some strategy like were to start, which sport equipment choose for and how to get the helicopter without getting shot. Graphics of this game was good and the sound was well made were you can hear the enemies footstep and use that an advantage to know were them are. In my personal opinion on Ring of Elysium was not that great for me but even so It's still pretty good gameplay and plus It's free.

Ratings by me: 6,5/10