Styx: Shards of Darkness

Utvecklare: Cyanide Studio

Utgivare: Focus Home Interactive

Typ av spel/Genre: Action, Äventyr

Antal spelare: 1-2 spelare

Snittbetyg på Spelhund: 7/10

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Vi som har testat spelet på spelhund är följande


After played one hour:
The game begins with a custscena were Styx showing off he skill, tools and the power to complete his objective. This game were you have to use stealth to clear the level, it will be almost impossible to clear the level without stealth. Also when go to new area or sneaking place or see new kind enemy, Styx will give some of hint how to sneak in or take down a enemy and also sometimes Styx say little funny joke to keep you moral up.
Own gaming experience: Styx: Shards of Darkness is a Stealth game were you playing a talk goblin and he name is Styx. There're difficult were you can choose to it make lot more challenge example disabled your combat skill were you can only use stealth attacks, tools and tactics to take down enemies and the most hardest difficulty are you can't save middle of the mission, on till complete mission and return to your hideout. Styx can climb mounting, can make a clone, be invsible in the short while and have skill of assassin like sneaking in enemy territory and take down enemy without make one noise and etc. Around of level there're scatter ingredients that can collect and can make tools and medicine and each of level there're place were can make those ingredients and do not need to return to hideout to make those tools and medicine if you can find a place to craft ingredients on middle of playing level. Each time you  beat the level and go to new area there will be new type of enemies that will have strong armor that knife can't penetrate, also there will be creates that can't see but have good sense of hearing and etc. You can also playing with a friend on coop mode that can helping you or you helpnig him/her.
Story: This story about Styx and he's a goblin that can speak humen language and that make him different from another goblins. Styx got a request from an unexpected captain of C.A.R.N.A.G.E. squad and there job are annihiler the goblins. The reward that Styx get was pretty valuable, Styx request was to steal an ambassador's scepter on the airship but Styx was not only one that planing to steal the scepter. Somehow this request just become a huge adventure for Styx that he infiltration enemies territory like the Elven city, Dwarts territory and unexplored land that are fills with small and huge terrified monster. How on earth do Styx get those situated and be still alive? Title of "Master of Stealth" are not just the show.
Summary: Styx: Shards of Darkness is pretty good stealth game adventure were you sneak around enemies up close without them notice you, pickpocket their pockets and take them down with the stealth style. This game have great art design that which is looks like a realistic. Some of mission have alternative were you can choose which way to complete it. "Styx: Shards of Darkness" is good game but not perfect, however stealth plays was amazing and tense.
Ratings by me: 7/10